Motorcycle Club Enola Gay MC Highlands (EGMC) was founded in 1993 in a part of Czech Republic named Czecho-Moravian Higlands named also only „Highlands“.

Barvy Enola Gay Devils Sons
EGMC original name was Enola Gay Devils Sons (EGDS) with first Clubhouse in village Podoli near the town Nove Mesto na Morave. Since beginning EGDS cooperated closely with other Motorcycle Clubs already existing all around Czech Republic. During a time of massive growth of so-called motorcycle clubs the strong clubs separated and formed a community named MC.

Barvy Enola Gay MC Highlands

It was followed by modification of EGDS colours (MC symbol was added) and the words Devils Sons were replaced by word Higlands which means the region of activity for EGMC.

In 1996 the base of EGMC was relocated to Brno.
Barvy Enola Gay MC Highlands 2002-2013

Why Enola Gay ?
The Enola Gay is the B-29 Superfortress bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb to be used in war, by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) in the attack on Hiroshima, Japan on 6 August 1945, just before the end of World War II. The B-29 was named after the mother of the pilot, Paul Tibbets.

When we were looking for a name for our club we were inspirated by the not very well known historical fact that Sergeant’s Joseph Stiborik family originated from the Highlands in Czech Republic, from the town Nove Mesto na Morave.

Enola Gay's crew on 6 August 1945 consisted of 11 men (above picture from left to right):

Standing :
- Lt. Col. John Porter, ground maintenance Office, Col. Porter was not on the aircraft during the flight
- Capt. Theodore J. Van Kirk, navigator
- Maj. Thomas W. Ferebee, bombardier
- Col. Paul Tibbets, pilot and commander of 509th Group
- Capt. Robert A. Lewis, copilot
- Lt. Jacob Beser, radar countermeasure Office

Kneeling :

    - Sgt. Joseph Stiborik, radar operator
    - SSgt. George R Caron, tail gunner
    - Pfc. Richard H Nelson, radio operator
    - Sgt. Robert H. Shumard, assistant engin
    - SSgt Wyatt Duzenbury, flight engineer

The bomb code-named Little Boy exploded about 600 meters above the ground with a destructive power equivalent to between 12 and 20 kilotons of TNT (estimates vary) and within several seconds destroyed 62 000 buildings and approximately 70,000 people were instantly killed.

B-29 was part of the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri with the base on Tinian island. The B-29 was named after Enola Gay Tibbets, the mother of the pilot, Paul Tibbets. The bomber was one of 15 B-29s with the "Silverplate" modifications necessary to deliver nuclear weapons. Tail gunner Caron made several pictures of atomic mushroom and devastated Hiroshima.

The crew was choosen very specifically and approved due to the high mission confidentiality. Nobody from the crew, except commander Paul Tibbets, knew about atomic bomb until they headed for Hirosima.

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